Baby Rock Star

I think Colton lives his hair style vicariously through his little brother. He thinks it's the best when Brett is sporting a baby-hawk....

First Game

The first game of the baseball season. What a riot! Each member of each team bats - no outs are counted. They get 5 pitches and if they don't get a hit...out comes the T. The kids had a GREAT time! We (Millside Tavern) ended up playing a team with one of Colton's daycare buddies on it.

According to Mike's parents, who were at the game, Colton looked like a mini-Mike out there. I wish I had a picture to post to compare the two!

Garage Sale

It's that time of year! I had so many baby things that no longer fit my little chow hound that I partnered up with a co-worker and my sister-in-law and away we went. How did it go? Well, we had great weather and some stiff competition with the "Highland Park" neighborhood. Was it worth all the work? I say yes, my husband says no....however, I forget what "work" he was involved with.


Happy Mother's Day

What a great day! I was able to sleep in...in fact, I got a whopping 10 hours of sleep, my boys took me out for breakfast, I had a massage at noon and had one of my favorite meals for dinner. Lovely!

The most special gift came from Colton. He had been hiding it and gave me strict instructions..."Mom, do not go in my desk drawer until after I tell you it's okay." Well, this morning, here's the gift I received:

After I looked at the coupons and read them aloud and told him that I just loved my gift, he replied "I hope I don't have to do #4." Have to give him credit for being honest!


Rainy Days....

Mike had to work all weekend which left the three of us trying to find things to do inside - thank you mother nature. After making cupcakes, playing play-dough, playing "men" (for those of you that don't know, this is when we gather up all the action figures and play) and Candyland, Brett and Colton thought it would be a good idea to lay around and play toys. What a great idea!


My little baby is ten months old! Now that he's healthy, he's eating like a mad man. The other day he ate 2 potstickers and rice, the next day he ate a BIG bowl of mac and cheese, 1/2 a banana and fish crackers, and tonight he ate shredded bbq chicken, baked beans and applesause. He at more than Colton!! I told Mike by the time the boys are teens, he's going to have to work overtime just to support our grocery bill. Wow.


Getting to know you games

My friend Tammy loves lists and fun little getting to know you games that you typically get via email. I too, love those things.....here we go.

Place an X by all the things you've done, and remove the X from the ones you have not done. This is for your entire life!

Have you ever:
Smoked a cigarette? (X) Thankfully I can now say....EEW, GROSS, YUCK!.
Crashed a friend's car?( )
Stolen a car?()
Been in love?(X)
Been dumped?(X)
Been laid off/fired?(X) - Laid off at 8 1/2 months pregnant....collecting unemployment - good gig if you can get it!
Quit your job? (X ) - I always gave proper notice though ;)
Been in a fist fight?( )
Snuck out of your parent's house?( ) Have you ever met my dad?
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?(X)
Been arrested? ( )
Gone on a blind date?()
Skipped school? (X) Just in college
Seen someone die?()
Been to Canada?(X)
Been to Mexico? (X) Spring Break 1997 - I can't believe our parents let us go!
Been on a plane?(X)
Been lost physically and/or mentally? (X) More mentally than physically, however, my sense of direction is slim to none.
Been on the opposite side of the country?(X)
Gone to Washington, DC?()
Swam in the ocean? (X)
Felt like dying?(X)
Cried yourself to sleep?(X)
Played cops and robbers/Cowboys & Indians?()
Recently colored with crayons? (X) Colton however is not so interested.....hopefully Brett is!
Sang karaoke? (X) More times than I'd like to admit.
Paid for a meal with only coins? ( )
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?(X )
Made prank phone calls? (X) Oh, those were the days....
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose?( )
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?(X)
Danced in the rain? (X)
Written a letter to Santa? (X)
Been kissed under the mistletoe? (X)
Watched a sunrise or sunset with someone you care about or love? (X)
Blown bubbles?(X) I do not like them though! So messy!
Made a bonfire on the beach? (X) It's been awhile....remember Bayside you SB people?
Crashed a Party? ( ) - What?! I AM the party!
Gone roller-skating? (X) - Oh yeah, the snowball....remember how nervous you would get?
Gone ice-skating? (X) - I did grow up in northern MN!


I'm posting this as more of a question than anything else.....
What do other people do when the get the dreaded call from daycare saying they are ill, or they just found out their loved one is now in the ICU and they can't watch your kids today? Mike and I try to trade off when our kids are sick or when we know in advance that daycare will be closed we can make arrangements. I'm talking absolute last minute when you are about to load your kids in the car and the phone rings. I mean really, you can only call in so many times before attendance becomes an issue right?.

PS - at first I thought this was personal as daycare just informed us of how naughty Colton has been the past few days there - okay I never thought that, but just wanted to slip it in.