Can You Really Be 9???

I cannot believe you are already 9 years old. I never understood what my parents were saying when they told me, "the older you get, the faster time goes." Now, I get it.
What an amazing kid you are. You are so smart. You are so witty. You are so sensitive. You are so boy. You have no idea how much I love you! Happy Birthday buddy! Mike and I made a decision when we started having kids that we'd have family only parties until the kids were school age. Then we'd have a family party and a kid party. When Colton turned 6 in kindergarten, we gave him a choice. If you want to go somewhere for your birthday and have your party, then you don't get a gift from mom and dad. If you choose to have a party at home, then you get a gift from mom and dad. Maybe we are harsh, but those destination parties aren't cheap! I will tell you that every year since his 6th birthday, he as always chosen a destination party. This year was GrandSlam.

These are some of his closest buddies. They are a great group of boys.

Laser Tag was the hit of the party. They went in with team strategies and came out sweating and replaying every twist and turn and shot taken. Of course their team always won no matter what the scoreboard said.

Off to the bumper cars. I have never heard a group of nine year old boys giggle so much.

The hardest part of the day? Trying to figure out what trinket to cash all their tickets in for.

Last but not least, the birthday cake. Colton requested a baseball cake this year. I have so much fun creating the birthday cakes. I have overheard him bragging to his friends, "you should see the cakes my mom makes. She's better than the store." Thanks bud!


Guess Who?

This is Brett's new obsession. Guess Who. In both the Superhero version and the "reg-le-ur" version. We don't just play the best out of three. It's more like the best out of 37. Watch out. He's pretty good!

PS - don't mind the uncovered outlets. I removed them for painting and they've since been covered up.