My Latest Obsession.....

My latest obsession is Pinterest. Love. It. I have to limit myself each day because, just like facebook, 5 minutes of checking things out turns into an hour. I have been 'pinning' lots of things that I may never make, bake, buy, wear, etc. but it's just so much fun!
Last night I decided that I would whip up a recipe I  pinned to see what the fuss was all about. Because my dear hubby has some lactose issues, I figured this would be perfect for him if it was tasty. Boy was it! Another plus? MUCH lower calorie count than ice cream. The kiddos loved it too.

All you do is take frozen bananas (although I would suggest letting them sit out for a bit so they are not rock hard) and some cocoa powder (I used Nestlequik), blend it up and there you have it. It was very creamy and delicious!