No. 93.......

My alarm woke me at 3:50 a.m. For the life of me, I cannot remember a time that I've gotten up that early unless I never went to bed!
My sister-in-law and I met at my mother-in-law's house at 4:30 and we were off with those other crazies that want all those "fabulous" deals the day after Thanksgiving.
It wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined nor heard. We got to the mall about 5:15 and got a parking spot right away. I think the longest we stood in line for was about 15 minutes.
By 8:30 we were ready for lunch! I kid you not. We grabbed a quick Junior Roast Beef at Arby's, recollected our thoughts and went back out to the crowds.
I'm happy to say that I am done shopping for all but 3 people. That. Is. Awesome.
Will I do it again next year? Never say never.


Game On....

This was one intense game of Candy Land!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Weekend Rewind.....

Be prepared for picture overload! I took the boys up north this weekend. Mike had to work overnights, so I thought we'd get out of the house to give him a little piece and quiet.
The boys kept very busy at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
Ate cookies...... Made turkey hats........
Watched cartoons........
Made candy.......
And toured the Station Eight fire station in Duluth courtesy of my friend Pete.....



Jaci tagged me, so here goes...

I am: happy
I know: how to play the trombone
I want: to lose 10 lbs.
I have: a great life
I miss: Leah - any chance you're moving back from CA?
I feel: tired
I hear: the hum of the computer
I smell: my perfume
I crave: Peanut Butter M&Ms
I cry: very rarely
I search: for missing parts to toys, games, etc.
I wonder: what people's lives are like - when you drive past somebody in a car, I always wonder where they're going, what is their life like and then I make something up.
I regret: sweating so much of the small stuff in years gone by
I love: my husband, kids, family & friends more than they'll ever know
I worry: rarely. It is what it is!
I remember: so much from my childhood
I dance: badly
I don't: like mashed potatoes
I argue: occasionally and only about things that I'm passionate about
I write: on my blog
I win: at Scategories. Remember that game. I rock.
I lose: my mind with my kids sometimes
I wish: I could change the world
I listen: with an open mind
I can usually be found: making lists of things that need to get done
I am scared: of losing people I love.
I need: a vacation on a warm beach by the ocean
I forget: to hold grudges. ;)

I tag Libby, Jenny and Tammy!

The Concert......

We met up with Matt and Steph for dinner before the concert. Caught up on each other's lives and then it was go time.
Mraz was great. I really couldn't see all that well given the fact that a 6'2" girl in a white sweater dress was standing in front of me texting her boyfriend about the fact that she was having fun, but missing him, but there were screens and if people moved their heads just right, I could get a glimpse of my Geek in the Pink (that's a reference to a song of his for those of you that don't know).
I had never been to a concert at The Myth. It's a really neat place and would be cool to have a VIP spot like one of the Vikings players that plowed through to get to his. Geez. Anyhow, back to Mraz. He put on a great show. He played for about 2 hours and then did a little encore. As Jaci would say, I heart Jason Mraz, and can't wait to see him live again!

Today I am tired. Very tired. I'm surprised I didn't turn into a pumpkin last night. I rarely see 9:30 on a weekday evening. Last night as my head hit the pillow it was 12:14 a.m. What a rude awakening it was to hear Christmas songs blaring out of my alarm clock at 5:15. No sleep for the weary! Tonight it's a camera class so I can figure out how to use my new camera that is intimidating.



T minus 5 hours until the doors open for the Mraz concert.......


Good Night.....

This past Halloween our neighbors down the street had a little get together after the kids went trick-or-treating. Mike had to work the next morning so he and Brett stayed home and Colton and I went and hung out for a few hours. I learned a lot about my neighbors down the street that night. Good stuff. Fun stuff. I like them.
Anyhow, throughout the night I learned that one of my neighbors was going to school for massage (I don't know the technical term, so I apologize to those that work in profession). He was looking for some people to massage for experience and requirements of the program. Of course I offered myself up. I love massages. Love might even be an understatement.
So tonight was the night. He tells me to undress to my comfort level, lay down face down on the table and cover with the blankets. OK, I can handle that. Then the massage started. It was a full body one hour massage with no child yelling "MOM" to get my attention.
Once my back was done, he moved onto my legs. No matter who it is giving me the massage and they get to my legs, I always tense up at first. I mean, really. They've lost any color that I may have had during the summer months and I'll be honest, really are not as firm, long and slender as I'd like them to be.
As I catch myself drooling and about to fall asleep it's over and I'm heading home to check homework and tuck in my lovely boys.
Now that was a good Tuesday night.


More Random Thoughts....

The other day I was driving somewhere with the kids. I was flipping through the radio stations and the new one by Flo Rida was on. Colton quickly shouted for me to "keep it here" and proceded to sing the following phrase:

Oh hot damn. This is my jam.
Keep me partyin' to the a.m. Y'all don't understand.
Make me throw my hands in the ayer, ay, ayer, ay ayer

Of course I quickly asked him how the heck he knew the words to the song. He just looked at my and said "I don't know, but everybody knows this song." Lord help me.

My kids are on a sugar high today and it's all my fault. We started making Christmas cookies at 8am today. I realized that I didn't have enough eggs so off to the store we went. I was feeling bad for making them get dressed and bundled up so early in the morning on a Saturday so I let them each pick out a doughnut. Of course they both picked the biggest ones with the most frosting. I'm pretty sure they broke a world record shoving them down their throats. Then as we were making cookies they had to taste the batter and a few of the finished products. Now they are bouncing off the walls, playing air guitar and bugging each other. Is it bed time yet?



I've intentionally not joined in the whole facebook world. I don't have time to get sucked in to more time on the computer. Well, that is until now. I've caved and joined the madness. It's fun to see all the old SB crew and the SCSU gang too.
However, I had to peel myself away from the computer as I've noticed that 1 hour and 36 minutes have miraculously disappeared from my life.


Making a List.....

I asked Colton to go through the many toy catalogs we've gotten in the mail this week and write his name by the things on his Christmas Wish List. As I was flipping through the pages tonight, I came across this and couldn't help but giggle.


It's been a productive Saturday. It started at 7am when I heard Brett yelling from his crib, "Mama, eat oatmeal please."
I decided rather than starting a home improvement project like I'm one to do when Mike is deer hunting, I'd get started on my Christmas cookie baking. I made 98 Snikerdoodles, 58 Chocolate Crinkles and 50 Christmas bars. I lost motivation to make Gingersnaps and Peppermint Snowballs.....I'll get to those next weekend.
The most exciting part of my day? The furniture arrived! I ordered 2 nightstands, the head board/foot board and the dresser. Our room is pretty small so unfortunately both nightstands don't fit on the sides of the bed given our closet doors fold out to open up. So, I had to put the other nightstand on the side of the dresser, which for right now works fine as a tv stand until Mike gets it mounted on the wall.

I wrapped up the day making a few Lincoln Log houses, playing Matchbox cars and teaching Colton how to leg wrestle. Right now the boys are enjoying some popcorn and watching a movie. Me? I'm blogging and sipping on some wine. Life is good.


Cannot Wait.....

Can I just say how excited I am to FINALLY be getting our furniture delivered on Saturday?!
It will be so nice to have a dresser again! Not to mention, a bedframe so we can get the mattress off the floor!


A couple of weeks ago, Colton started showing quite a bit of interest in the election. He spent a weekend with his grandparents and from then on knew he was voting for McCain. He wanted to know who his dad and I were voting for. He was asking all the neighborhood kids who they were going to vote for.
I asked him why he wanted to vote for McCain. His reasoning was perfect for a six year old boy....."Because he's got cain in his name, just like one of the guys from Friday Night Smackdown" (just an fyi - we DO NOT let him watch that kind of tv, but he does pick up a few things from daycare).
When he found out that his dad and I were not voting for McCain he begged and pleaded for at least one of us to. Why can't you? Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee Mom!
Anyhow, his elementary school voted yesterday. He excitedly came running down the driveway after getting off the bus to tell me that "McCain won. Well, not in real life yet, but at my school!"
He proceeded to tell me that Will, a boy on the bus, told him that if Obama wins we might as well put our guns on the front porch.
Which led me to an explanation about gun control with a six year old. Fun.


Here's my boys all dressed up in their Halloween gear.... My cute little puppy dog.

My fearless White Power Ranger from Jungle Fury.

School Pictures......

At the end of September, Colton had his school pictures. I filled out the envelope with our order and put it in his daily planner. I made sure there was no toothpaste on his shirt and that his hair was combed. It was a chilly day, so I made him wear his Old Navy zip up hoodie. He hates wearing layers (he gets that from me) and so it was a battle as it is everyday that a coat of some sort is required.
So the day is over and I'm going through his backpack and daily planner. I see a note from his teacher. It says....."Colton couldn't find his picture envelope until the end of the day. You'll have to save it for picture retakes at the end of October."
WHAT? So I quickly call the phone number on the envelope to see if I can just place my order over the phone. Success. No problem. Perfect.
Soooooooo a few weeks later, still no pictures. I put in a call and right as the gal was looking up my information, their system went down. She tells me she'll call me when the system is back up. I don't hear from her. So, I call again a couple of days later. I learn that it will "still be a couple of weeks until they are ready." In the meantime, picture retakes are coming up so what do I do? What if Colton is winking or has something between his teeth. I won't see the originals before retakes. Mike's advice was - who cares? You have a million pictures of the kid and if his originals are the greatest, big deal. So I decide to let go of the issue and move on.
Well, today, the pictures arrived. I quickly pull them out of the package with Colton hovering over my shoulder. He has a great smile and looks very handsome. And then I notice it. He his wearing his damn Old Navy hoodie over his "picture shirt." AHHHHH! That's not so bad, but you can tell the hood is tucked down inside, which by the way has to be so uncomfortable. I look at Colton and ask why he kept his hoodie on. His reply? "Big deal, mom, and least I've got a good smile." Ain't that the truth.