And The Winner Is.....

AND THE.....
WINNER IS.......
Never mind the ketchup on my child's face from dinner. He's saving it for later!

Congrats Miss Jaci!! I'll have your package to you soon.



In an effort to keep up with the trend, I'm holding a contest. I've had over 25, 000 visitors since I've started this thing. Although, I'm pretty sure that 24,250 of them are me just checking to see if anybody has commented, but 25,000 is 25,000 right?
So what will the prize be? I'm not quite sure yet. It will be something fun and "springy".
To enter, just leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite Easter candy or tradition is. Winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced by the end of the day Monday, March 30th.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Proud Momma.....

DISCLAIMER: Bragging mother post below.

I just received Colton's 3rd quarter report card. It just makes me smile and want to give him a big ol' hug.

Language Arts: Exemplary - Colton is reading 180 words correct per minute!
Math: Exemplary - Colton is the furthest on our timed addition tests

All other classes are either marked "S" for Secure or "N" for Needs Improvement.
He scored a "S" for all of them! Social Studies, Science, Health, Phy Ed, Music and Art.
Comments include: Nice job on program preparation, wonderful work, Colton is a pleasure to have in class!!

Great job buddy! I couldn't be more proud of you.


Return From The "Show Me State"....

We headed down south to Missouri last Wednesday. Mike was a groomsmen in his cousin's wedding. It was a great time with warm weather and lots of wind. The boys did fantastic on both the way down and the way home, which makes for smooth sailing.
I ended up taking over 275 pictures while we were there. About 250 of them were of the kids playing at the park! Here are a couple that I figured I would share. Here's my boys looking smooth. I let Colton untuck his shirt once the wedding was over. It makes for much better dancing you know.

I kept the boys occupied by buying the biggest vat of bubbles I could possibly find as well as an assortment of tools.

Here are the cousins bracing themselves on one of those wobbly bridges. Mike jumped and about launched them all off. Of course they found that to be the best part of the whole playground.
My boys.....one of the few moments that they aren't annoying the crap out of each other.

I thought this picture was so cute! Brett and his great-grandma doing the spider on the swing.


Lunch Ladies.....

Yesterday was a good day. The weather was gorgeous and I got to meet up with some great friends for a lunch date. It's so fun catching up live and in person. We email and blog and all, but there's just something nice about a little face to face conversation and some belly laughs.
Thanks for a great afternoon ladies! L to R: Me, Jaci, Jill (with her twins to be) and Marilyn. Wow, I'm quite vertically challenged.


Weekend Rewind.....

Guess what we did this weekend? Are you crazy?!! Of course we didn't go and get a dog. We did however dog sit for Mike's parents. You know when you are in your late teens/early 20's and you hang around little children for hours and everybody (including yourself) say, "now, if that's not birth control...."
It works the same for pets.
In the not to distant past, for a split nano second, I thought I wanted a dog. I'm glad reality slapped me in the face!
Don't get me wrong, Griz isn't a bad dog, it's just A LOT OF WORK - no matter who's dog it would have been.
I'll just stick to two wild boys for now thank you very much.