All the Boys

After a week of being ill, we were looking forward to getting some fresh air. On Sunday I took the boys over to a girlfriend's house to meet up with friends and all their kids. It's going to be a blast watching all these boys grow up together! From left to right (double click on picture to enlarge):
Colton (5yrs), Quentin (18months), Ty (16months), Brett (10months), Gage (10months), Jackson (10months)

Put Me In Coach

Colton started summer baseball last week. I'm not sure who loves it more - assistant coach Mike or Colton! Brett and I went and watched the first practice. What an energetic groups of 5 and 6 year-olds. They couldn't wait to get started. I caught myself giggling once in awhile as I watch 3 grown men try to teach these kids how to bat, catch fly balls and field grounders while the kids were more interested in talking to each other and balancing their gloves on their heads.


Tough Week

What a week at our house! Brett had it the worst....sick since last Sunday. He just couldn't keep anything in him without it running out the back end. Poor little guy! I got sick Monday night and was sketchy the rest of the week with it reoccurring on Friday. Mike got a lighter dose of it Thursday night and luckily, Colton was in the clear. We sent Colton off to Uncle E's house Friday afternoon to escape the germs. Hopefully that works. Mike and I were both up early Saturday scrubbing down the house. Knock on wood....no diarrhea from Brett since Friday at 4:00pm.
Worked out well that we are all feeling better in time to enjoy this upcoming beautiful weekend!

Here's the magical homemade "butt paste" that our pediatrician gave us. Within a couple applications, things were MUCH MUCH better!

2-4oz Vaseline
2oz Desetin
1oz Malox
1/2 tube of Lotrimin
Mix above ingedients together; add cornstarch to thicken


To Grandma's House We Go

I took the boys up to see Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike this past weekend. The weather was great - a little bit of a chilly wind coming off the lake, but the sun was out and there was no snow.

Brett did plenty of entertaining for all of us. He's really starting to laugh hard at just about everything you do. It's adorable!

There was a PTO carnival at the school on Saturday - all the same games I remember playing years and years ago - the cake walk, the fishing game, horseshoes, the ring toss....Colton had a blast with his new friend Natalie. They ran around trying to figure out what to do next. Brett was content hanging out in Grandma's arms while he watched his brother play. Colton ended up with a cowboy/sheriff's hat, handcuffs and a sheriff pin - needless to say, he's been arresting people ever since.

We had a great long weekend and headed on Monday morning with the intention of driving during Brett's nap time. Brett however had other plans. For the 3 1/2 hour ride, he slept a total of 35 minutes. I think it had something to do with his older brother playing the harmonica most of the way home!


Colton was next to my bed at 6:45am Easter morning telling me that I needed to get up and see what the Easter Bunny did...."he put the eggs out that I made - they aren't in the fridge anymore...there was one on my chair, mom come on, get up!"

Sure enough, the bunny did hide all 11 of the eggs plus an Easter basket for each of the boys.

After about 4 Peeps, M&Ms and some more chocolate, it was off to church and Great-Grandma's for Easter dinner, an egg hunt, and of course, lots more candy!

Coloring Eggs

Colton had been counting down the days until he could color Easter Eggs....he did all 11 himself (Mike ate one). After awhile, he thought it would be much more effecient to use his hands instead of the wire dipper.

The Cake

Colton's 5th Birthday

Wow! I cannot believe that I have a 5 year old!! He had a family party on the 8th. He picked out what type of birthday cake he wanted....as you can see in the picture, it was a football cake - he saw a picture of it in a magazine I was reading and he was dead set that that was the cake he wanted. I asked him how will people know that it's your 5th birthday cake if we don't write a 5 on it somewhere. He just looked at me and said "duh, they'll be five candles." But, of course.
On his actual birthday (the 10th) Mike had the day off and I took the day off. We took Brett to daycare and headed off to the science museum - his choice of how he wanted to spend the day. He just loves the dinosaurs and all the animals they have there. After about 2 hours, we headed out for lunch - Dave & Buster's. Now if that isn't a grown up Chuck E Cheese I don't know what is!!


The First.

I've gotten sucked in to the traps of the blog world! Actually, Brett's website is about to expire and why pay a fee when there is a world of free sites?!
My plan for this site is to keep our friends and family posted with what's going on with us....well, mostly the boys. I hope to do better at keeping up than I did with the other site. No promises though. For all of you with children, you know how busy life becomes!