Birthday Weekend....

What a fun, action packed weekend we had. Friday night was the family birthday party. Colton picked burgers and a cake made with oreos, mint ice cream, fudge and cool-whip - yum! Here's the birthday boy waiting for Mike to light all the candles.
His grandparents surprised him with the Joe Mauer quick swing for his gift. We couldn't even get it off the deck before he was hitting balls.

The next morning he was out swinging the bat right away!

For his kid party, he opted for a dirt bike birthday cake - complete with doughnut holes for large boulders and coca puffs for rocks.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the pool. I had no clue how much energy eight 8-year old boys have!

After two hours of swimming, these boys devoured the cake!


Happy 8th Birthday

Today you turn eight. Where does the time go?

*You are a really good kid - most of the time.
*You excel at math and reading
*You love to learn
*You are witty
*You love to play baseball and football
*You love to tease your brother, but you stick up for him if anybody else does
*You have a sweet tooth
*You have a great memory
*You know more about computers than your dad
*You get frustrated when things don't come easy for you
*I love that you still let me hold your hand in public
*I love that you are mine

Happy birthday buddy!


Happy Easter

We had a great Easter! We spent the morning going through the loot that the bunny brought and just enjoying each other's company.
Stella might have enjoyed her goodies the most!

Then we headed over to the kid's great-grandparents house for Easter dinner and a huge Easter prize hunt.
Here's Mike's parents with their 4 grandchildren.
My sister-in-law and I decided last year that instead of getting each other's kids gifts, we would just supply the prizes for the Easter hunt. This year we assigned each child a color and those were the only prizes they could find. If they found a prize that didn't have their color on it, they had to move on and not tell the other kids. They had a blast!