Is this thing on?

I keep thinking that it's time for a new post on this thing. Then I can't think of anything to blog about or if I do come up with something, I end up forgetting what it was. So, here's just an update - bullet style - of what the days in my life have been filled with.
  • Baseball, baseball and more baseball. Every Tuesday and Thursday have been like this: hurry home from work, figure out what to have for dinner that involves minimum prep, tie up some cleats, trade off with dear husband around who gets to watch Colton play ball and who gets to watch Brett play at the playground by the field. Colton loves baseball and I really enjoy watching him, but I have to be honest ~ I'm so happy that the season is over.
  • Swimming lessons. Colton has been going to Foss Swim School since January. He's made HUGE improvements so we're keeping him enrolled there. Those are Wednesday nights. Mike has softball Wednesday nights. Guess what that means? Me with two boys in a hot room watching kids swim while trying to entertain Brett for 30 minutes. Brett started swimming lessons last week. His are through community ed and he's in the Parent/Tot class. This involves either Mike or me getting in the freezing cold water, singing some songs and teaching the little ones how to scoop and kick. Just thinking about that water gives me goosebumps. Why do they have to keep that water so damn cold?!
  • Planning a family reunion. This is fun. This is my escape. With the help of my cousin, we took the bull by the horns and are just about ready for the Ward Reunion. I'm really looking forward to this. I have cousins whose children I have never met. Crazy I tell you.
  • I had a successful garage sale last weekend. Tons of stuff gone and cash in my pockets. Got to love that.
  • I posted and sold my first items on Craig's List. I have never really even gone to the website, but when I had my garage sale, people kept commenting on how they never have garage sales, they are too much work, I just sell things on craigslist. So, Sunday night I took some pictures and posted a few items and had them sold by Wednesday. Awesome! I of course ended up digging around and posting more items, hope to have those sold soon.
  • Planning Brett's Golden Birthday. I can't believe that my baby is going to be 3!!!!


Silly Boy.....

Both my boys are crazy sleepers. My youngest though tends to do the same thing every night. Check out how relaxed he is. Hands up behind the head and ankles crossed....not a care in the world. He's done this ever since he transitioned to his bed. I'm not sure if he's doing this to create a barrier or to it's just something he does when he's bored and attempting to fall asleep.
He picks out enough books to line the entire length of his bed.