No. 87........

Success! Number 87 out of 101 is complete! It was so much easier than I ever thought it would be. It's been about 2 weeks or so now, and not one issue of him sneaking out and not staying in his bed. He's so proud of himself!


My Day.....

My husband has many opportunities to get away for a day or weekend throughout the year. There's deer hunting for two long weekends in November, an annual ice fishing trip in January and then other ice fishing days through out the long long long winter here in Minnesota.
I don't really have those opportunities. Actually, I take that back. There is the annual girls weekend in August, but other than that, there are usually kids in tow. Not that I don't love my boys, but it is nice to have a day or more away every now and again.
My husband encourages these getaways mostly for the fact that if I have getaways, he won't get the riot act every time he heads out of town. But, like most women/wives/mothers, you feel like you should be doing something else other than enjoying a day away. For me, because I work out of the house full time, I feel like I don't see my kids all that much during the week, so the weekends are for family time. Also, there is always laundry to do, dust bunnies to clean, carpets to vacuum - you get the idea. However this Saturday is going to be different!
Mike arranged for my mother-in-law to take Brett during the day on Saturday and overnight. Mike and Colton are going to go do some dad/son bonding at the community pool, shoot some hoops at the gym and perhaps go see a movie since it's too cold to ice fish. Me? I'm going to enjoy some quiet, alone time. I know what I'm not going to do! I'm not going to clean, I'm not going to do laundry and I am not going to worry about what to make for dinner. It's going to be wonderful!
What would you do if you had a full day to yourself?


Sick and Tired.....

It's been an interesting week at our house! Sunday evening, Colton spent the night at Grandma's with my niece. The goal was for them to go see a movie on Monday since school was closed. I received a phone call at work around 8am. I assumed it was a behavior update since both kids were a little wild when I left them on Sunday. Nope. It was a puke update. Lovely. Lucky for me, Grandma was willing to keep Colton for the day since she didn't have to work.
Monday - Mike picks up Brett from daycare and the kid asks if he can go to bed. WHAT?! He NEVER asks that. Sure enough. He's standing in the kitchen and pukes. Thank God we have hardwood floors!
Tuesday morning - I get out of the shower and Mike yells down to me to put on my sweats because I'm staying home. Poor Brett puked all over his bed Monday night. So he and I hung out Tuesday and caught some Obama action. Colton went to school feeling his chipper little self.
Wednesday night - I hear Colton's voice in my bedroom. "Mom, I threw up in on my bed and I don't think we're going to be able to get it out." Ugh. I run upstairs to find puke all over the sheets. Thank God it didn't get on the carpet. So I spent an hour throwing things in the laundry and scrubbing the mattress and then spraying the whole room with disinfectant. I look at Mike and say - you're staying home now. Mike ends up bringing both kids in this afternoon for a strep test and thankfully they are both cleared. It's just some virus.
Here we are, Thursday night and both kids are doing fabulous. Weird.


Snow Removal....

I realize that I live in Minnesota, as do many others. So, let's take an opportunity to talk about removing snow off of your car BEFORE you drive it down the road shall we?
I've had many occasions this winter where it snowed during the day while I was at work. So, I get out to my car, grab the brush and start cleaning off my car so that I can see out of all the windows, and use my wipers and also I make sure my lights, both front and back, are visible.
It seems like every time it snows and I have to drive, I get behind the person who only clears off enough of the snow and/or ice to be able to see out of a little hole in their windshield. They've got snow blowing off their car onto mine (and no, I'm not tailgating) so that I feel I'm driving in a freaking blizzard when it hasn't snowed for hours.
There's my rant for Wednesday. Thanks for reading. ;)


It's On......

I've already said that I don't do New Year's resolutions. I've made too many that I've broken within the first 8 minutes of the New Year. Awhile back however, I did create the 101 in 1001 list. I'm going to get started on #7, #11 and #42. In case you are wondering....#7 is drink 3 glasses of water a day for 30 days. #11 is reach and maintain my goal weight and #42 is no eating after 7:30pm. I'll be honest, #42 should be pretty easy. This chic is in bed by 9 on weeknights so I sure as hell hope I can make it a big whoppin 3 hours between dinner and bedtime without the need to throw something down the hatch.
Sometime between 2002 and today, I managed to birth 2 wonderful children. The ONLY downfall to that is that somehow, someway about 10lbs stuck onto my body between my rib cage and my knees. That. Needs. To. Go!
So, I've invited my friend Jillian into my home via Amazon.com. She arrived today and is going to whip me into shape! I figured if I post it for the world (or all 10 of you, but who's keepin track) I would be more accountable and actually do it for longer than 8 days before I dive into the package of Oreos.
Gotta run. Jillian is yelling at me to get started!


Welcome to 2009.....

Happy New Year!
We enjoyed a fun, but low key start to 2009. Our friends Matt and Steph came over to help us graze on some delicious eats. The evening started with a small fire. Matt stuck the napkins a little to close to the candles and the next thing I know there is flames on the table. No problem for my quick thinking husband though. He just opened up the patio door, threw out the plate of candles and blazing napkins into the snow and we got on with our evening. Good conversations, a few beverages, games and a smooch at midnight.
I'm not one for resolutions. Been there, done that, never succeeded. So, this year, I think I'll stick to my 101 in 1001 list and go from there.

Wishing you all a fabulous, exciting and healthy 2009!