Moment of Panic....

I had a moment of panic today riding the elevator.
Let me play it out for you.
I'm heading to a meeting in the lower level so I hop on the elevator with two other people on the 6th floor. They push "1" and I push "LL". We're cruising along and the elevator opens at the first floor. They get off and it's just me. The doors close and don't open back up. So many thoughts went through my head in the next 20 seconds....
- oh my god - I'm going to pee my pants. I knew I should have went to the bathroom first, but there's a bathroom right by the room where my meeting was
- well at least I'm by myself and not with a full elevator of strangers with body odor
- I've got a note pad with me, at least I can write my to do list
- should I push the call button now
- how long am I going to be stuck in here
- if I push "door open" what will happen? What if it's all cement wall in front of me, then I'm really going to freak out.

All this while I'm frantically pushing "LL" to get moving.

Had I only gathered my composure I would have realized that the elevator had not moved. At all. For those 20 seconds I thought I was stuck. I thought I was living on edge by pushing the "door open" button. As soon as it opened, I was right were I left off on the first floor. Seriously.

The moral of my story? I should have used the stairs - I could stand to burn a few calories.



It's been a busy and fun past couple of weeks at our house. Mike and I went out for Valentine's dinner on the 12th then picked up a friend of ours and headed to Triple Rock for a concert. We watched Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend Jason Boesel, Dawes, and my favorite Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons.
We had a blast and got home at 2:30 in the morning and we were up at 7:00 for Colton's basketball game. Ouch. For those of you that know me, 4 1/2 hours is not enough sleep for this gal. My dad came to Colton's game and then took us out for breakfast. I got a burst of energy and spent the day shopping. It was great! No kids asking to go look at toys, no husband getting antsy. Heavenly.
The following weekend we took the kids to MOA to hit up Nickelodeon Universe. We surpised the kids and didn't tell them where we were going. They were so excited!
This past weekend my mom came down. She and I went to the outlet mall on Saturday. I've been checking out some blogs that have talked about Responsibility Charts, reward charts, etc. I had been meaning to create one, but never got around to it. Well, when we were out shopping I ran across this find from Melissa and Doug - on sale!
It's awesome! It is designed for one kid, but I took advantage of the white board and copied the top for kid two. It came with about 30 tasks/chores/expectations and a whole slew of smiley faces. Mike and I pick out 7 items for the kids each week. They get one reminder to do the chore and if they do it, then they get a smiley face at the end of the day. The goal is to get 35 smiley faces total in one week and then they can pick out a prize out of the reward bucket.
So far, both the kids are sold on it and it's been a fairly good day for both of them. It is only day one though!


Valentine Cookies

I woke up this morning to a house that was only 60 degrees!! So, while we waited for Centerpoint to come and pay us a visit, we decided we'd use the oven to heat up the house a bit. When I was blog surfing the other day, I saw a really cute idea to make cookies on a stick that looked like suckers. I couldn't remember the site, so I just winged it.
They went into the oven looking pretty good.
But, came out of the oven not looking anything like the picture I saw. I didn't realize how big they were going to get so they all got smashed together.
But, the kids loved them and that's really what counts right?!



Starting mid-January, we've been going to Colton's basketball games on Saturday mornings. They play 4 on 4. It's a hoot to watch. Colton has really come a long way since last year - he's more confident and can dribble with his head up to find the open guy. Here's a few pictures from today's game - he's the one with the red shirt under his jersey.

Want to know what I do with a three year old who'd rather being doing just about anything than sitting still watching his brother? I feed him M&Ms. Yep. At 9:00 in the morning.

And boy does that work wonders!


Oh Yes We Did.....

This past Saturday was girls weekend. Something I always look forward to and have never been disappointed at how the night goes. This time Jaci was our hostess. It was decided that we'd pull out our wedding dress and put them back into action. Why not? We all only wore them once and figured we'd better get our money out of them right?

So here are your blushing brides - only this time, the blush is from the wine and not from nerves or excitement.
Left to Right:
Me - married 2002, Diana - married 1999 (I think that's right), Jaci - married 2003, Jill - married 2002 and Marilyn - married 2004

We only lasted about 30 minutes in our dresses as we realized they really weren't as comfortable as we remembered them being!
We looked through our pictures and shared funny stories....

Argued about who had the best dress.....
OK, so I made that part up, but that's what it looks like Jaci and Jill are doing right here.

And of course, we had a little dance party that included the running man and the roger rabbit.
What a fun night it was my friends!