Mom Of The Year, I Am Not

We are sitting at dinner on Tuesday night and Colton just casually says to me, "Mom, you forgot to pack my shorts for school today." I just look at him thinking, what does that mean. And then, within a nanosecond I remember that Tuesday was Beach Day at school. Crap. Crap. Crap.
The conversation continues:
C: Oh, and you forgot a towel for me to sit on during snack.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: Well, not everybody had a towel.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: It's really okay Mom. It's not like we went anywhere.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: Oh, and you forgot to pack my library book so I couldn't check out a new one.


Let's just say I thoroughly went through his backpack that night to see what else I had been forgetting about. I wrote myself a huge note on hot pink paper so that I wouldn't forget show and tell day on Thursday (and I didn't).

I have a chance at redemption next week. In case you didn't know, it's Dr. Seuss's birthday on Sunday. In celebration, the class will be dressing up differently everyday next week - Hat's on Monday, PJ's on Tuesday, Backwards day on Wednesday.....you can guarantee that my kid will not miss one of those days! Now, if only I can remember that library book.


A New Low?

I'll just start this post by saying that we aren't really a video game family. Colton loves his gameboy and playing PS2 at Uncle E's, but it's never really anything that Mike or I have been "into". Well, that is until our weekend in Missouri. Mike's been thinking non-stop about how much fun he had playing Guitar Hero. Well, wouldn't you know that Target at it on sale today. Need I say more?

Another Fabulous Weekend

Hard to believe that it's already Sunday evening! I had a great weekend that started out with girls night on Friday over at Jill's new house. You can never go wrong with a group of gals, wine, good food and great stories. We made Jill dig out her old pictures from Junior/Senior high. This led to some hilarious, unexpected stories (or should I say confessions) and lots of belly laughs! Saturday evening Colton and I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie while Brett was sleeping and dad was out ice fishing.
Sunday was spent running a few errands and cleaning. I got a wild hair and decided that it was about dang time that I rearranged my furniture in the living room. I'm embarrassed to admit that this room had been set up the same way for almost 5 years!! Wow. I even pulled out the Easter decorations.....
Ah, yes....that is a deer head that you see. Not my proudest item in my house, but it sure is my husband's. I was overruled on that one.
My living room wasn't the only thing that needed a big scrub down.....


A Few Photos.....

Baby bird Brett eating birthday cakeRichard & Jane with the Grandkids - Brandon, Travis, Mike, Adam, Ambry and Lisa Richard & Jane with their Great-Grandkids; Colton, Brett, Evan, Jadyn, Mikayla and Kyler
Thanks Tom for sending the pictures!


We're Baaaaack.....

On Friday we headed to Missouri for Mike's Grandfather's 75th surprise party. Here are some highlights (and a few low-lights) of the trip:
  • 505 miles one way
  • 2 children that slept most of the way there!!
  • Grandpa being really really surprised - always a sign of a successful surprise party
  • Seeing Mike's cousin's children (and his cousins)
  • Lots of great food and great company
  • Learning how to play Guitar Hero (I own the top score for Even Flow)
  • Playing Apples to Apples
  • Driving through white out conditions in Iowa. I think we counted 86 cars in the ditch from the big storm on Sunday. Yikes.
  • 2 children who barely slept on the way home

I'll post some pictures later, but right now there are suitcases to be unpacked and laundry to be washed.


You and Me and Me and You

I'm copying this right from Jenny's blog......thanks Jen!

How long have you been together?
Married: 5 years and 4 1/2 months -
Dating/friends: since I was a sophomore in college - granted there were some time periods when we weren't "together"
How long did you date? Hmmm....if you add it all up, maybe 4 years?
How old is he? 31
Who eats more? He does. Hands down. Not that I don't give him a little competition every now and again.
Who said ‘i love you’ first? I'm pretty sure he did.
Who is taller? He is, but about 10 inches
Who is smarter? Pretty much depends on the topic, but I'm going to go ahead and through it out there - I am.
Who does the laundry? I do.
Who does the dishes? Thankfully my hubby does most of the dishes. That is my absolute least favorite thing to do. Gross.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If we are laying in the bed, I'm on the right side.
Who pays the bills? I do.
Who mows the lawn? Mike ususally, but I do really love to mow the lawn....get those lines nice and straight and get a little tan while I'm doing it.
Who cooks dinner? That would be me which is why I don't feel all that guilty that he does most the dishes.
Who is more stubborn? Without a doubt me.
Who kissed who first? I kissed him in the parking lot of his apartment complex in college.
Who asked who out? I don't think we asked each other out - we just started hanging out and calling each other all the time.
Who proposed? He did. In his old bedroom at his parent's house.
Who is more sensitive? Mike is - no questions asked.
Who has more friends? I would say we both have about the same. He's much better at physically hanging out with his friends though.
Who has more siblings? Depends on if you count step family. If not, it's a tie - we each have one. If steps count in the equation, then I do. (2 step bros and 3 step sisters)


Valentine's Day

As Colton was getting ready to complete is Valentines for school, I had a little memory flashback.
Back when I was in grade school, the treats weren't as elaborate as they are now and the selection of actual Valentines were slim to none.
I remember carefully selecting who would get which Valentine and which candy hearts truly based on what they said. In no way, did I want particular people to think that I felt one way about them when I really didn't.
Thinking back on it, it all seems a bit crazy. I'm 99.9% sure that not one of those boys read the actual Valentine or what those little candy hearts had to say.
So now, I have my own little boy that is writing up his Valentines and is doing it in almost the same fashion. Certain kids got certain the "cool" Transformers cards while others got the "just okay" ones.
When it came to selecting treats - chocolate cake hearts vs vanilla, his practice was a little different. He quickly went through the chocolate ones and carefully selected who would get vanilla. When I asked him how he was deciding who got which flavor, his innocent answer was:

"I just need to make sure there are some vanilla ones left for me because they are my favorite."


The Sick One....

It only took 5 years and 10 months before it happend. Last night we were celebrating Great-Grandma's birthday. At about 8:00p.m. I hear Colton yelling for me from the bathroom. Come to find out he had just thrown up. Yuck. At least he made it to the toliet so there was no mess to clean up. We quickly packed up the kids and headed home. The conversation during the drive went like this:
C: What if I throw up in my sleep?
M: You won't.
C: How do you know?
M: Because, you're body has a cool way of waking you up if something doesn't feel right to it.
C: So, like your brain tells your eyes to wake up?
M: Yes, pretty much.
C: Huh. Knock on wood, no vomiting has occured since.



Seriously. I feel like all I do or need to do is go grocery shopping. It's not like when I go, I just pick up a few things. It's an all out fill the fridge, freezer and pantry every single time. Mike tells me that I better get used to it because once the boys are teens, we're never going to have any food around. Great.
I used to love going grocery shopping. I would stroll up and down the aisles. Read labels. Think up new and clever ideas for dinner. Not these days. It's a contest to see if I can beat my time from last week and if I can get through it without a screaming child - I've had success. Granted I don't bring them all the time, but when I do, we're a sight.
Is this normal? Do other people really frequent the grocery store as often as I do?

Date Night......

This past Saturday, Mike and I had our big date night. It was fabulous!
We dropped off the boys around 3:00 and headed over to Dave & Busters for some entertainment. I got my rear whooped in skee ball, but made a come back during trivia. Next was dinner at Olive Garden...one of our favorites. Then off to the comedy club. I laughed so hard that I had tears and a belly ache when we left.