A local bank hosted a fun in the park event tonight. The kids had a blast playing all the games, but their favorite part was the face painting for $1. Of the 25 or so choices, here's what they picked:
Batman (aka Brett) and The Punisher (aka Colton)


Birthday Par-tay!

This past Tuesday was Brett's birthday party. I was only a couple of weeks behind, but he didn't seem to mind. Each year I ask the boys what they would like their cake to be. Luckily for me they haven't picked anything overly elaborate.
Brett wanted his 4th birthday cake to be a monkey. Oh, and it needed to be holding a real banana. When I showed him the finished product, his reaction was, "wow, and he even has a belly button."
I think this picture is cute. I love how Brett's head is tilted as he seems to be listening to his brother's lovely song called Happy Birthday.

Once again, the kid was showered with gifts. There was so much commotion during the actual opening that he inspected everything very thoroughly the following morning.



I've always believed that everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad, the indifferent. Today I experienced another example that helps me realize this even more. Bare with me and I'll share my story.

Today I knew I had to go grocery shopping. I had intended on going right away in the morning, but I got busy doing other things around the house - cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing floors and doing laundry. I figured I'd just go when Brett woke up from his nap. Around 2:00 he woke up and we played a bit and then the two of us took off to the grocery store.

There happens to be a dollar store across the street from the grocery store and I had a quick thought to swoop in there and pick up a couple of tablecloths for Brett's birthday party. So we stroll in, look around a little and I turn around to somebody on their cell phone saying, "Oh my gosh, Leah!" It was my aunt Judy.

Not really a big deal on the surface of the story, but Judy happens to live 245 miles away. She just happened to be at the dollar store 5 miles from my house. It just happened to be on the one year anniversary of the death of her son. It just happened to be that I didn't go to the grocery store in the morning as originally planned. It just happened that I remembered I needed some tablecloths. It just so happened that she was picking up some tablecloths and plastic spoons and forks for their bbq tonight. It just so happened that she came to the cities to be around her sister and other children and family to help her through this tough day. I just happened to give her the biggest hug I could possibly give her and let her know that I had been thinking about her and that I love her.

Coincidence? Not to me.


Homemade Slushies....

I scored some cool mom points tonight when I showed the kids how to make their own slushies. I got the recipe off another blog, but can't remember which one, so I can't take any credit for creation.
2 cups of ice in a big freezer bag:Add 1/3 cup rock salt (same thing as ice cream salt) to the ice cubes.

Pour liquid of your choice (we chose lemonade) into a sandwich size ziploc bag. I have no idea how much we used. It just depends on how much final product you want.

Place small liquid bag inside the bag of ice and rock salt. Then shake, shake, shake until you have your desired slushy consistency.

Keep shaking. I think it took about 5 minutes, but that was with a few checks to see how things were looking.

Final product:

The kids were amazed!

Slow Down!

If riding with my son when he turns 16 is anything like riding with him in a golf cart that doesn't go over 20 mph, I'm doomed.



This post is for Colton. We were pulling into the cabin road after the big 4th of July parade and Colton says ever so calmly, "hey, there's a bear." I look and sure enough. I threw the truck into reverse and grabbed my camera.

At about this moment, Colton says to me, "uh, mom...don't you think we should be going now? It's getting a little close."
Brett on the other hand his yelling to the bear to come as he wants it to come to the truck so he can pet it.

Fourth of July Weekend.....

We had a great 4th of July weekend. I took over 140 pictures, but don't have time to go through them, so here's a little taste.
We headed up to Ely to spend the weekend with my mom and step-dad at the cabin. The ride up seemed to take forever! This was our first trip with the dog so she was freaking out until she realized that she wasn't getting out anytime soon and my little guy asked no less than 1 million 13 times - "how many more minutes?"
Saturday was spent celebrating Brett's 4th birthday. He was king of the day and got to choose our activities. He just loved it.
I made him sit on the bench and close his eyes until we pulled his bike out of the truck.

He only looks innocent.....little bugger snuck up and his Grandma and brother and squirted them both.
Lots of time was spent on the pontoon and in the water. It was a perfect day to be at the lake.

We headed into town for the parade. The kids made a haul with candy. Oddest thing there? The fact that one of the floats tossed out full sized Butterfinger bars, containers of pepper and chili seasoning packets. I still don't get it.
Now it's time for unpacking and laundry. Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday Brett!

Happy Birthday buddy! I can't believe that you are already 4 years old. You are such a joy. So funny, so stubborn, so loving, so you. I am so happy that you are a part of our lives.