Family Reunion

Last weekend was our family reunion. Other than the weather being cold, it was a fabulous time! My grandparents had 8 kids over the course of almost twenty years (side note: how the heck did she do it?). We had a great turnout too, perhaps about 75% of the Ward crew pulled out their sweatshirts and jeans in July for some food, some visiting and games.

So glad we were able to grab a shot of the family that was there. I will treasure the memories and the photo forever!


I'm A Model If You Know What I Mean.....

I wanted to take Brett out and attempt to take some pictures of him for his 3 year old photo. Ever since Colton was born, I've gone to JCP's to do birthday photos up until he hit school age and then I'll let those be their annual photos.
I prepped Brett and told him that we needed new pictures of him to put in the frame because he' not 2 anymore and if he's good, I'd take him to the park and he can have a sucker. We had a deal. I brought along my little assitant (aka Colton) to help make him smile.....just incase.
He did so good. He was very patient with me as I was with him. We actually had a lot of fun. Below are just a few of the pictures - including some outtakes.

This is after he really got the hang of it. I thought we were done - Brett had other ideas. He said to me, "I want to sit here and then you take a picture." Ok.

I followed through on my promises. I played the safe mom and didn't let him have his sucker until after he played at the park.


Party Time....Excellent....

We had Brett's birthday party on Friday evening. I took the day off of work to get my house picked up, run some errands and spend 2 hours decorating a masterpiece uhrrr...I mean birthday cake. We had family and B's Godparents over for dinner, gifts, cake and ice cream. We were lucky enough that Mike's grandparents from Missouri just happened to be in town visiting. Brett was so cute. When we pulled into the driveway from daycare he saw some balloons on the mailbox. He asked me, "are those for me?" Once we got inside, there were more balloons...."those for me too?" He saw his Spongebob cake and just squirmed with excitement.
He received so many wonderful gifts and we had a great evening.


Happy Birthday!!

I cannot believe that 3 years have gone by since you made your entrance into this world. You've changed my life forever and I'm am so grateful to have you part of my world. I thought I would capture some of your favorite things at this age:
  • You love to be outside. You would stay out there all day and all night if I didn't make you come in.
  • You are stubborn.
  • You love to eat yogurt. As a matter of fact, you love to snack. Quite frequently I hear the pantry doors squeak open then the tupperware cupboard - 99.9% of the time this is you grabbing a box of crackers to dump into a bowl. For some reason, you require all your snacks to be poured into a bowl before eating.
  • You adore your brother, but you love to tease him. Instead of playing with his toys quietly when he isn't looking, you make sure he knows that you are into his stuff, which turns into a big chasing game and you laughing.
  • You have a great sense of humor and say the wildest things that just crack us all up.
  • You have amazing blue eyes that sparkle.
  • You love music and the louder, the better.
  • You are a momma's boy (thank you thank you thank you)
  • You are so very loved!
Happy 3rd Birthday Brett ~ July 3, 2009.

Lost Tooth

A couple of months ago, Mike noticed that Colton was growing a permanent tooth right behind a baby tooth. We took him to the dentist who told us it really wasn't a big deal and that everything would work it's way to where it needed to go.
On Monday when I picked the boys up from daycare, Colton came running up and told me that he had something hard and crunchy in is PB&J and then he started laughing hysterically. Come to find out, the kid bit into his sandwich, his tooth came out and he ate it.
Here he is without his baby tooth. I have to laugh because normally, you can get a picture of a toothless grin when they lose their first tooth/teeth. Not my kid. His is 75% of the way in already!