Basketball Season

I took full opportunity of Colton "letting me" coach his basketball team this year. I'm guessing next year it won't be cool to have your mom hanging out with you so much. I'm actually co-coaching as I'm 110% certain I couldn't handle 12 eight and nine year old boys on my own.
We have a great group of kids on the team with the widest range of skills that you can imagine. Colton is #19 in the white - the one with the ball. Last Saturday I attempted to coach and take pictures. Not the greatest idea since just about all of the came out blurry as I was attempting to multi-task. Oh well.

I'm really enjoying this season and can't believe that we only have 2 games left!


Valentine Treats....

I wanted to do something a little different than the standard piece of candy and card for Brett's Valentine's day party at daycare. I saw an idea on one of the blogs I frequent and thought it was perfect!

All you need:
bottles of water
stickers / markers
individual drink mixes (I used Target brand sugar-free grape mix)

I put little labels on the drink mixes making them "love potion"

Brett is beyond himself with excitement to give these to his friends.


9 Days Left.....

Wow. I can't believe it's been almost 1001 days since I created my 101 in 1001 list. Clearly I will not accomplish all that is left in the next 9 days, but figured I should see how close I came.

I try to keep up with the latest in the blog world. I realize I'm a little behind on the "newness" of this concept, but none the less, here's my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I created the list on Monday, May 19th, so 1001 days from then will be: February 14, 2011
1. go camping
2. scrapbook Brett's first year (DONE)
3. give up soda for 30 days
4. print and organize photos (DONE)
5. buy bedroom furniture (DONE)
6. get a pedicure (DONE 7/24/08 - 30th b-day gift from Angie)
7. drink 3 glasses of water every day for 30 days (30/30) (DONE)
8. take the boys to see their great-great grandmother (DONE 6/5/08)
9. have a party for no reason
10. go sliding (DONE 12/26/08 +)
11. reach and maintain my goal weight (DONE)
12. take the boys to the beach (Done July 2010)
13. replace kitchen counter tops (DONE - well at least they are ordered now)
14. participate in a cookie exchange (DONE 2010)
15. surprise husband with something he'd love (DONE)
16. perform a random act of kindness (DONE)
17. update bathroom flooring
18. install garbage disposal (it's going to happen once the new sink is in)
19. read one book per month for four consecutive months (4/4) (DONE Aug '08)
20. try a new recipe once a month for 8/12 months (DONE)
21. complete front landscape project (DONE 5/31/08)
22. pay off Mike's student loan (DONE 11/09)
23. visit a winery (DONE 10/6/08 - Door County)
24. buy a bike and use it
25. paint my bedroom (DONE)
26. get a massage (DONE 11/18/08)
27. vote (DONE 11/4/08 - Obama!)
28. buy a new computer (DONE 10/24/08)
29. do at least one load of laundry every day for 2 weeks (DONE)
30. visit a state park (DONE 7/24/08 - Tettegouche)
31. make a gingerbread house (DONE)
32. have a girls weekend (DONE 8/1- 8/3/08 - Di's Cabin)
33. start a salsa garden (DONE 6/09)
34. potty train Brett (DONE 7/09)
35. clean the inside of my car once a month for six months (DONE 6/6)
36. watch a movie in a theater (DONE - Alice in Wonderland 3/10)
37. take a class through community education (DONE 3/09)
38. compile family tree (DONE)
39. do not eat out for one month
40. buy myself flowers (DONE)
41. download 15 new songs on my ipod (DONE)
42. don't eat after 7:30 for 2 weeks (DONE)
43. give up tv for one week/7 days
44. visit 3 states with the boys (DONE)
45. find the perfect bra (DONE - 7/23/08 - actually found 2!)
46. have a pro teach me what make-up to wear and how to apply it
47. volunteer for 3 school activities (3/3) (DONE)
48. arrange a progressive dinner
49. visit the Children's museum (Done 2/22/09)
50. look into hiring a maid (Done - too expensive)
51. update work wardrobe (DONE)
52. send a hand written letter to somebody (DONE July '08 to G.Gram)
53. update family photo
54. make cookies with the boys (DONE Halloween cookies 10/11/08)
55. get a manicure
56. jump in the leaves
57. plant a lilac bush
58. buy a watch
59. take a day off of work for no reason (DONE)
60. have a garage sale (DONE 6/09)
61. visit a farmer's market
62. plan 1 week's worth of dinners ahead of time once per month for 1 year (DONE)
63. go fishing
64. swim in the ocean (DONE January 2011)
65. take a photography class (DONE 11/20/08)
66. blog 20/30 days in one month (30/30) (DONE 11/09)
67. go to a concert (DONE 11/19/08 Jason Mraz)
68. listen to a book on CD (DONE - The Shack)
69. deliver baked goods to the neighbors (DONE 9/15/08)
70. go to a nice restaurant with my husband (DONE 9/10)
71. go 30 days buying only the bare necessities
72. have a squirt gun fight with the boys
73. watch a parade (DONE 6/15/08)
74. make sushi rolls
75. ride on a roller coaster (DONE)
76. beat Mike at rummy
77. attend a wine tasting event (DONE 3/08)
78. fly a kite
79. go ice skating
80. buy a set of good knives (Done - however I got them as a gift 12/08)
81. go to a Twins game (DONE 5/09 vs Red Sox)
82. organize recipes (DONE 10/10)
83. make campfire smores (DONE 7/4/09)
84. take the stairs at work every morning for 60 days (60/60) DONE
85. buy new bedding (DONE 10/25/08)
86. organize family room closet (DONE 8/29-30/08)
87. get Brett into "big boy" bed (DONE January 2009)
88. stain the deck
89. take the kids to the zoo (DONE 7/21/08, 8/17/08 - Como Zoo)
90. skip rocks (DONE)
91. make my bed in the a.m. 50 times (DONE)
92. eat breakfast everyday for one week (DONE)
93. experience the day after thanksgiving shopping (DONE 11/28/08)
94. organize Brett's closet (DONE 8/31/08)
95. organize Colton's closet (DONE 9/1/08)
96. buy a pair of shoes that I love (DONE)
97. help plan a family reunion (DONE July 18 09)
98. call a friend just to chat once a month for a year (DONE)
99. volunteer to help with VBS (DONE August 2008, 2009 & 2010)
100. go to an amusement park (DONE) 1
101. visit another country (DONE January 2011)

Looks like I've got 22 left. Guess it's going to be a busy 9 days!!