Boys Will Be Boys.......

I always wonder what the boys do when they have their "boys weekend." I mean, I have an idea - candy, hot dogs, late bed times, donuts for breakfast, not washing hands for 3 days straight, but when they come home I just get a high level recap of the weekend - oh, we had fun is typically what I get.
Now, however, I know. I love when I have an "insider" who is willing to share the evidence - thanks Nancy!

Apparently, they practice peeing outdoors.

Walk through creeks that are deeper than their rubber boots.
Catch frogs....or is it a toad? I don't know.

Catch snakes and take turns holding it and getting bit, but don't worry "it really doesn't hurt mom."

Perhaps I was better off just having an idea rather than knowing what really happens!


Jill said...

But they came home safe and you had an ENTIRE weekend not having to take care of anyone but yourself! I look SO FORWARD to these days...and they seem so far off!!!

(And their boys' weekend resulted in you coming to visit me! I like that, too!)

Denise said...

Funny! It is true you wonder what they are up too...now you know.

Swanson Family said...

Very cute. I love that they have such a good time doing BOY things and just coming to tell you they had a good time. sort of like when we have girls nights or dinners and we get home and say "Oh i don't know we just talked.." (wink wink) :)