New Chapter......

Life is full of tough decisions. Mike and I had to make one last week. I have heard horror stories from friends about their daycare situations. Luckily for me, I cannot relate. Colton has had two daycare providers from the time he was 2 1/2 months old until second grade. Brett has had one.

Judy has been such a big part of our lives and our children's lives. Since Colton was 1 1/2 years old, he's been going to Judy's. It was like going to grandma's house and seeing your cousins every day. There was a house full of boys to play with and just not enough time in the day to do it all.

Fast forward a few years, Brett is born and it was a given that we were going to continue going there. Colton and all his buddies were old enough to do their own thing and Brett got lots of one on one attention which he needed. It was great.

Fast forward another few years and Colton is in school all day, but doesn't get to go to Judy's on school days because we live in a different boundary than she does. He's bummed, but loves that he goes there on non-school days. Brett on the other hand is still loving it at Judy's. He's now got two other little dudes to play with.

Now it's today. Colton is in a before and after school program that is fantastic. Brett is still at Judy's but all by himself. Over the past few weeks when we've asked him what he did today, he struggles to think of something. I ask if he played with anybody and his response is, "I don't have any friends to play with today." Talk about breaking your heart! While he adores Judy as do we, there's just something about a 3 year old not having anybody to play with during the day when I know he's such an active little boy.

We got lucky again. Brett is going to start going to Tami's house the first week of November. He'll be with 4 other 2-3 year old kids. Brett is excited, as are we. The other night he said "thanks for finding me some friends." That's seals the deal that we made the right decision.

That didn't make things any easier when I had to drop the bomb to Judy on Friday. I was a ball of nerves that whole day. All I had to say was that I had a tough message and didn't know how to say it - Judy jumped in and knew exactly what I was going to tell her. She totally understood. "I'm a mom too and realize that kids need to be around other kids." Her comment made me feel so much better.

Here's to another great daycare experience!


Denise said...

I know that feeling. We had to do that this last year. Kaitlyn went to Lori's house since she was 2 1/2 and she is now 9 and Kylie had only ever gone to Lori's house. But since both were now in school it was time to make that change (now started with Kidstop at school) it was the HARDEST thing to tell her. those kids were her kids and she loved them. It was hard and she cried when I told her, but nothing ever stays the same and things must change. They still get to go to Lori's from time to time if there is no school, so they still get to see her.

Swanson Family said...

Sounds like a good decision. hard, but good. I am sure Brett will be happier with his new friends!

Jaci said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Leah! I am so feeling your pain, misery, joy, mixed emotions and the whole bag. It's the best decision. You know it, and Brett will love his new environment.

We'll have to make sure to get the boys together on playdates every once in awhile, they miss each other!

Judy was absolutely perfect for our boys when we needed her most--to cuddle, snuggle, love and spoil our babies. Now that they're independent young toddlers--they need some structure & FRIENDS to play with! Good luck. Keep us posted on the progress of his new transition. We still have some bumps here & there, but haven't regretted our decision once. (Well maybe once when I paid my new bill). Oy. :o)

kim said...

ahhhh! I totally know where you are coming from. max has been going to mary's since I went back to work and she only has him. when he was tiny it was so nice having one-on-one care, but now I think he's ready to be around some other kids. he's going to start at a great preschool/daycare early next year and I'm excited for him but also sooo nervous and afraid he'll miss his 'mere-mere'. :( she is like his other grandma! luckily I think we are going to have her watch vivi for at least awhile, so we don't have to say goodbye to her completely. it's just hard when you're in a great situation though and things change. yet another way we're reminded they don't stay little forever. :(

good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly with the switch!