Dinner With My 5 Year Old

Since Colton and Mike were at basketball practice, it was just the youngest and me for dinner tonight. I'm not sure how this conversation started or how it jumped all over the place, but I just had to share.

Brett: Mom, did you know that when you are a grandma, you'll still be my mom?
Me:    I know. Cool huh?!

Me: Are you going to want me to live close to your kids like Grandma Claudia or far away like Grandma Sue?
Brett:  Probably far away like Grandma Sue.
Me:  Really? (So not the answer I was expecting). Why?
Brett:  So that way my kids can play a lot of video games on the way to your house.
Me:  What if they don't like video games?
Brett: Oh, I guarantee they will.

Brett:  When you are a grandma and you and dad move away, you'll have to call me and tell me where you went.
Me:  Deal.

Me:  So, do you have a girlfriend?
Brett:  No, I broke up with all of them.
Me:   How do you know about 'breaking up?'
Brett:  That's what they say on T.V.
Me:  Huh. So, did you tell all your girlfriends that you broke up with them?
Brett: Nope. Because I never even told them they were my girlfriends.

Love this kid!


Unknown said...

haha. love it!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, he is HILARIOUS.

Swanson Family said...

very cute!!!