Tough Week

What a week at our house! Brett had it the worst....sick since last Sunday. He just couldn't keep anything in him without it running out the back end. Poor little guy! I got sick Monday night and was sketchy the rest of the week with it reoccurring on Friday. Mike got a lighter dose of it Thursday night and luckily, Colton was in the clear. We sent Colton off to Uncle E's house Friday afternoon to escape the germs. Hopefully that works. Mike and I were both up early Saturday scrubbing down the house. Knock on wood....no diarrhea from Brett since Friday at 4:00pm.
Worked out well that we are all feeling better in time to enjoy this upcoming beautiful weekend!

Here's the magical homemade "butt paste" that our pediatrician gave us. Within a couple applications, things were MUCH MUCH better!

2-4oz Vaseline
2oz Desetin
1oz Malox
1/2 tube of Lotrimin
Mix above ingedients together; add cornstarch to thicken

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Tammy said...

Hope your whole house is healthy again....