Girls Weekend.....

I returned today from a weekend away with the girls. What a great weekend it was. I mean what isn't fun when you include six girls, lots of sun, plenty of beverages and bags and bags of these: Here we are out enjoying the weather, catching up on Hollywood gossip and everyone's families:
Out on the porch before going to grab a bite:
Cheers to good friends and girl's weekends!
Thanks to Di for another fabulous weekend up at the cabin!


jenny said...

looks like you guys had a blast! i want a girls weekend now! :)

Jill said...

I want ANOTHER girls' weekend now, too! Waaaah. Why do I have to clean my toilets when I was just drunk on a pontoon????

Jaime Cox said...

you guys always look like you're having fun! yay!

Jaci said...

We are always having fun! Always!

I have the cutest picture of Ms. Leah--I wish I could post it on her blog. She's wearing a cowboy hat & lookin' like one of the girls from Rock of Love. What a hottie!!!

Jill said...

Leah, I had to click on your site again just because I was hungry for M&M's and wanted something green to drink.
What makes me so sad is that tomorrow is Friday and we are NOT going on girls' weekend.