The Boys

Incase any of you were wondering where the boys were during our trip to CA.....
Colton went on a little trip to South Dakota with Grandpa Jon and Grandma Laura and his cousin Jack. G&G are pretty smart people...they stopped plenty of times along the way to let the boys get out and run around, eat and then loaded them back up for a few more hours on the road. Colton and TONS of stories to tell. They went to Reptile Gardens, Bear Country and Mount Rushmore. One of his favorites was the bird show - "Mom, they had a parrot that talked!" Colton & Jack at Reptile Garden
Colton & Jack at Mount Rushmore

Brett spent time with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Sue up in SB and then with Grandpa Dave & Grandma Claudia at the lake. While we were gone, he managed to learn how to walk (while holding your hands) and popped out 3 more top teeth - he know has 2 on the bottom and just about 4 through on the top.

Thank you to all the Grandparents for helping us out during our CA vacation!!

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