A Gift from Great-Grandma

Mike's Grandmother Jane has made all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren at least one quilt. Mike, Colton and Brett all received one when they were born. Mike and I received one when we got married and here's Colton's 2nd quilt that he received for his 5th birthday present. I think it absolutely beautiful! The colors are wonderful and Colton loves turtles (in case you can't see it, he has a sea turtle on his shirt which was not planned). Every night before bed, he has to pick out which turtle is his favorite that day. Personally, I think its a stalling tactic, but a fun one at least. He will not lay on the quilt nor will he let anybody else or anything else for fear that they will hurt the turtles.

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Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!

You should bring him over to see our pet, Sparky sometime!