First, Last and Now Meme....

First job: Kid job - babysitter; College job – waitress; Real job – HR Assistant
First funeral: My Grandma Edna when I was about 8.
First pet: A cat named Skeeter
First piercing: Ears; summer after 3rd grade
First tattoo: 18 - right after graduation - a ring of flowers around my belly button - turned into a big wreath during my pregnancies, but believe it or not, it's back to normal!
First credit card: Target - college
First kiss: I really can't remember
First enemy: Justin K. - I think he was every body's first enemy at my elementary school

Last car ride: The drive into work this morning
Last kiss: Big smooches for both the boys as I dropped them off at daycare
Last movie watched: Cars - what can I say, I have a 5 year old!
Last beverage drank: homemade yogurt smoothie
Last food consumed: Lasagna, last night
Last phone call: My friend Marilyn
Last time showered: This morning
Last CD played: Rascal Flatts
Last website visited: my friend Tammy's blog (thanks for the meme!)

Single or taken: "Taken" for almost 5 years
Birthday: September 14 – I’ll be 29.
Sign: Virgo
Siblings: 1 brother and several step-siblings.
Hair color: light brown with blond highlights
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 6 1/2
Height: 5’4’’
Wearing: khaki's, a white tank with a blue short sleeved sweater
Job: Sr. HR Generalist for a hospital
Thinking about: how am I going to make Brett's caterpillar cake for his party tomorrow
Listening to: the hum of my computer and the HR Coordinator shuffling papers

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