Valentine's Day

As Colton was getting ready to complete is Valentines for school, I had a little memory flashback.
Back when I was in grade school, the treats weren't as elaborate as they are now and the selection of actual Valentines were slim to none.
I remember carefully selecting who would get which Valentine and which candy hearts truly based on what they said. In no way, did I want particular people to think that I felt one way about them when I really didn't.
Thinking back on it, it all seems a bit crazy. I'm 99.9% sure that not one of those boys read the actual Valentine or what those little candy hearts had to say.
So now, I have my own little boy that is writing up his Valentines and is doing it in almost the same fashion. Certain kids got certain the "cool" Transformers cards while others got the "just okay" ones.
When it came to selecting treats - chocolate cake hearts vs vanilla, his practice was a little different. He quickly went through the chocolate ones and carefully selected who would get vanilla. When I asked him how he was deciding who got which flavor, his innocent answer was:

"I just need to make sure there are some vanilla ones left for me because they are my favorite."


Swanson Family said...

oh so sweet!!!! he is growing up WAY too fast!

Jaime Cox said...

Cute! hehe...

Send me a picture. Get using that new camera, little woman!