Seriously. I feel like all I do or need to do is go grocery shopping. It's not like when I go, I just pick up a few things. It's an all out fill the fridge, freezer and pantry every single time. Mike tells me that I better get used to it because once the boys are teens, we're never going to have any food around. Great.
I used to love going grocery shopping. I would stroll up and down the aisles. Read labels. Think up new and clever ideas for dinner. Not these days. It's a contest to see if I can beat my time from last week and if I can get through it without a screaming child - I've had success. Granted I don't bring them all the time, but when I do, we're a sight.
Is this normal? Do other people really frequent the grocery store as often as I do?


Jaime Cox said...

OMG... I feel the same way as you and I don't have "boys".
I feel like I'm there all the time and it's always, ALL OUT.
So, good luck to you in the next few years.
You need to use Simon Delivers:)

Jaci said...

That's one thing I have successfully delegated to my husband. I'm such a scatterbrain that I can't go grocery shopping alone. When I do we end up with Cool Whip, Licorice, 'lil smokies and a can of V8. It's a disease! I'm so embarrased. Seriously, it takes me 2 hours, and I'm very inefficient--and that's when I go alone! Now we keep a running list on the fridge, he brings Q who happens to love the police car cart(he's still young), and they can get it done in 35 minutes power shopping. But then it's my job to put everything away & plan the menus. I think it's a fair trade for us. But we do go that often--like weekly. I fear the days of my 3 boys eating us out of house & home...they almost do now at 7 mos. and 2! AHHHH!!!

Tammy said...

I hate buying groceries...and I don't even have to take my kids with me!

In fact, I think that I'd cook/bake more if someone else just brought me everything I need.

Hmmm...maybe I need to try Simon Delivers again???