The Sick One....

It only took 5 years and 10 months before it happend. Last night we were celebrating Great-Grandma's birthday. At about 8:00p.m. I hear Colton yelling for me from the bathroom. Come to find out he had just thrown up. Yuck. At least he made it to the toliet so there was no mess to clean up. We quickly packed up the kids and headed home. The conversation during the drive went like this:
C: What if I throw up in my sleep?
M: You won't.
C: How do you know?
M: Because, you're body has a cool way of waking you up if something doesn't feel right to it.
C: So, like your brain tells your eyes to wake up?
M: Yes, pretty much.
C: Huh. Knock on wood, no vomiting has occured since.


jilldaisbrenne said...

shoot.. poor guy, that stinks being sick! Hope he's feeling better

Jill said...

Ooh, he does look like he is sick. Poor kiddo.

I'm just really impressed you have a 5 year old that has never gotten pukey sick before! That ROCKS!

Jaime Cox said...

That is kind of crazy that he has never been puking/flu before. Poor little guy.

My family is sick now too, no puking though. Body aches and fevers. Ugh....
Where is summer?

jenny said...

i hope he is feeling better soon! poor guy!