Mom Of The Year, I Am Not

We are sitting at dinner on Tuesday night and Colton just casually says to me, "Mom, you forgot to pack my shorts for school today." I just look at him thinking, what does that mean. And then, within a nanosecond I remember that Tuesday was Beach Day at school. Crap. Crap. Crap.
The conversation continues:
C: Oh, and you forgot a towel for me to sit on during snack.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: Well, not everybody had a towel.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: It's really okay Mom. It's not like we went anywhere.
M: Buddy, I am so sorry.
C: Oh, and you forgot to pack my library book so I couldn't check out a new one.


Let's just say I thoroughly went through his backpack that night to see what else I had been forgetting about. I wrote myself a huge note on hot pink paper so that I wouldn't forget show and tell day on Thursday (and I didn't).

I have a chance at redemption next week. In case you didn't know, it's Dr. Seuss's birthday on Sunday. In celebration, the class will be dressing up differently everyday next week - Hat's on Monday, PJ's on Tuesday, Backwards day on Wednesday.....you can guarantee that my kid will not miss one of those days! Now, if only I can remember that library book.


jessica said...

been there, done that. i soooo know the feeling!! but don't be too hard on yourself. i hope you don't mind a little unsolicited advice, and i'm sure you've done this already ;) -- really encourage him to remember to remind YOU. not put it all on him, of course, but give him some responsibility with it. this is very close to home for me, because i did almost everything for my son when he was in k-2 and he then came to expect that it was "my job" to remember everything! which, as a mother, wife, housekeeper, etc... we just cannot possibly do ;) have fun with dr. seuss week! (i'd love to meet the actual mother of the year. she probably has a nanny, cook, and housekeeper.)

Jaime Cox said...

Haha... at least he wasn't MAD at you:)
Ok.. still looking for "that" picture of your boys:)

jenny said...

oh - everybody has been there! i think i'm going to have a huge calendar/to do/be all end all on my fridge that we keep track of everything on when the kids get older. i'm like that now so maybe that will help me then?

dr. seuss week - i wish i could have that here! :)

Jill said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I mean, YOUR kids have a Guitar hero.....wahhhh.

Just kidding.

You can't be expected to remember EVERYTHING! Make up for it next week. He didn't even sound all that sad about it.

Sara Wicht said...

I think I lose "Mom of the Year" at least two times a week! Remember "read across america" Monday! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! You can tell him that my students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be reading at the same time Monday too!