Here We Come....

As we were getting ready for my cousin's wedding, I thought I'd try and get a picture of our family while we all looked somewhat presentable. Easier said then done. I hauled out the tripod and the family and attempted to get set up. I hit the button on the camera and then started to run across the deck to get in the picture. It all sounds simple and easy, but as I found out, my heels were a perfect fit for the space between the boards and I about face planted as my shoe got stuck. The boys thought it was pretty funny. This is the only picture we ended up with because I wasn't about to attempt the dangerous run across the deck again. I don't know about you, but I. Love. Weddings. Love them. I don't even care if I barely know the bride and/or groom. The boys had a good time too. They kept busy stealing all the snacks and nuts on the tables at social hour.
While we were waiting for our table to be served dinner, I look over and see this:

Sometimes it's a wonder we get invited anywhere.


jenny said...

it is so hard to get a good family shot! usually i'm taking ours with a point and shoot as matt holds it out and we all cram together. haha! very professional.

oh, and you look awesome girl! great family shot. :)

Jaci said...

I am still giggling at your moment with the heels and the deck. You pulled it together in a nice recovery shot. :o)

Brett's foto is classic. Love it!