I'm Clocking Out....

After a week of not getting anything done around the house, I was on a mission this weekend. Mike was gone on a fishing trip so it was just the boys and me. I got so much accomplished!

  • Washed and put away 413 loads of laundry (give or take a few) including some delicates that I've been meaning to wash for the past 2 months.
  • Cleaned the boy's rooms
  • Vacuumed the entire upstairs and downstairs
  • Vacuumed the steps
  • Enjoyed a visit by some good friends that were in the cities for a wedding reception
  • Watched The Blind Side (loved it)
  • Cleaned out the freezer in the garage
  • Weeded the front garden
  • Went to a parade
  • Caulked the downstairs shower
  • Cleaned my car
  • Put together a puzzle with Colton
  • Read books with Brett
  • Made banana pancakes
  • Wrote thank you notes

And now? Now, I'm clocking out. I'm going to park myself on the couch and watch a movie with my three favorite guys.


Tara Akemann said...

You AMAZE ME! Good for you! Doesn't it feel amazing to get all that done? I do most my work when Brad isn't around, wonder what's up with that?

Jill said...

I can't read this post or I'll stress out that I didn't do one.damn.thing. this weekend, or last weekend, or next weekend...

good for you though!

Jaci said...

So did you get rained on at the parade, or did it hold out? Good for you miss mama! I actually watched Madagascar, Toy Story, and Cars this weekend with the boys. And I hate movies. But with the rain, we were very unmotivated.


Amy Van Beck said...

Amazing - way to go! Doesn't it feel good to get so much done. I need to bring the girls to daycare if I want to get tha t much done, which i actually do about once a month. It is nice to get caught up every once in a while. Take care!

Swanson Family said...

nice. i did stuff too while they were gone, not nearly all that you did, but some things! :)