What Would You Do?

We have this family in our neighborhood. They have been here for about a year and I have never seen the parents. Ever. However, there are anywhere from 3-4 kids living there at any given time. The cars that are parked in the driveway rotate monthly.
My dilemma is that the kids, who I'm guessing range in age from 5-12 roam the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. I'm not opposed to the roaming so much, but the fact that they zip down the street on their bike/scooter/skateboard without any regard to traffic. I have heard horns honk multiple times when I know that they are outside. Mike has had to slam his breaks on twice to avoid hitting the kid cruising down a neighbor's driveway into the street while he's laying on his skateboard.
What would you do? Do you go to the house and knock on the door and inform them of what their kids are doing? Do you try to talk to the kids about what could happen if they keep thinking they rule the road? Advice please.


Swanson Family said...

maybe call the county or the city and see if they can come and check on the status of the house? have other neighbors noticed? maybe you could all go together as a concerned group of parents in the neighborhood with kids as well? write a letter addressing it based on a being a concerned neighbor/parent in the neighborhood? put up signs that say WATCH FOR KIDS? I don't know what else, that sucks. sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah-
I don't know if this helps or not but we mentioned our "problem" addresses to the police when we were all together for National Night Out. I know that is not until Aug and maybe your neighborhood doesn't do that but it worked well for us to "tattle" without actualy calling so much attention to the fact that no one seems to be watching these kids.. Good Luck! -Kelly L.

Jaci said...

Okay, I'd knock. I'd be all--I'm Jaci, how's it going? Nice to finally put a face with some nameless naughty kids. Yeah hey, I almost plowed 'yer kid over yesterday with my Malibu. Check your grunts or tighten their leashes or something...K? Have a great day now. Bye!

Seriously though, if someone came knocking to my house, about my kids inappropriate behavior, I'd be grateful! The parents are probably clueless!!

Diana said...

I would bake some cookies and then go knock on the door and explain how you need to get the cookies out of the house before you ate them all (which would be very true in my case). If a kid answers the door, ask for their mom or dad. If they aren't there, ask when they'll be back and then go over there. I would just strike up a conversation and ask about the kids. Once you establish the "hey I'm just your neighbor" relationship, then you can approach with the "hey, here's an idea to keep your kids out of the street". Believe me, you don't want a neighbor that thinks you don't like them. Long answer, but I would first find out the parental situation before reporting.