I will be billing my parents for any therapy I will have to go to as a result of my popped collar and knotted bandanna/headband. Do I even need to mention the hideous perm that looks like it didn't take all that well?


Kim said...

hahaha, classic!

being a couple years younger i always thought you were SO cool and pretty. do you remember when you danced to 'opposites attract' by paula abdul at the talent show? yeah, we had that talent show on tape for some reason and we watched it ALL the time. i think i remember some of your sweet moves. LOL. :)

A Day In The Life.... said...

OMG Kim that is hilarious. I do remember that!!

Jill said...

Oh, Leah! You were an IDOL!

I love this photo, and cannot believe how much Brett looks like YOU!
Very cute, thanks for sharing.

Jaci said...

I thought the same thing--what did you do to brett? put a wig on him??

HILARIOUS. I love the photo. You rock. I mean really. AWESOME. Your bro (I assume) looks wicked cool too, btw.

Swanson Family said...

This is fantastic! LOVE IT! and Brett and you... HOLY MOLY are you two twins! I think I get thrown off with his blonde hair he has, but WOWZERS! too cute and Love love love the outfits, I do believe I had something similar... god what was wrong with us!?!??! You know our kids will say the same things in 20-30 years about how we dressed them today. HA!